Styling Ethnic Wears for different body types

Styling Ethnic Wears for different body types

Styling ethnic wear is not just about following trends but also about understanding and accentuating your body type. Each body shape comes with its own set of features that can be highlighted with the right clothing choices. Whether you're petite, curvy, tall, or athletic, here are some tips to help you rock ethnic wear according to your body type:

Pear-shaped Body: Highlight your shoulders and neckline with boat necks, halter necks, or off-shoulder blouses. Opt for A-line or flared skirts to balance your proportions. Avoid clingy fabrics for bottoms.

Apple-shaped Body: Emphasize your shoulders and legs while minimizing your midsection. Choose empire waistlines or peplum tops to define your waist. Go for straight-cut or slightly flared bottoms to balance your figure.

Hourglass-shaped Body: Opt for well-fitted garments that accentuate your waist. Thin fabrics like georgette or chiffon work well. Darker shades can be slimming, while bold prints can highlight an hourglass shaped body

Rectangle-shaped Body: Look for ethnic outfits with details like ruffles, pleats, or belts to create the illusion of curves. Try structured saree drapes or add a belt to define your waist.

Petite Body: Opt for shorter blouse lengths to elongate your torso. Lightweight fabrics like cotton and silk will not overwhelm your frame. Small prints and vertical designs can make you appear taller.

Styling ethnic wear for different body types is all about enhancing your natural features and feeling confident in what you wear. Experiment with different styles, drapes, and accessories to find what suits you best and we here at frontier Phagwara have an offline and online team to help you pick the right outfit for the right occasion

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