How to Choose the Right Anarkali Dress for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Right Anarkali Dress for Your Body Type

Depending on the Anarkali dress you choose for your body type, you can appear flawless or flawed. Frontier Phagwara is well-known for its remarkable collection of traditional clothes. Kurtis, Anarkali sets, and suits are designed to fit a wide range of body types. It could assist you in selecting the perfect Anarkali dress for your body type.

Understanding Your Body Type

It is critical to understand your body type before making any decisions. The five basic shapes of the human body are hourglass, pear, apple, rectangle, and inverted triangle. Knowing your body type will help you choose an Anarkali dress that best showcases your natural characteristics, as everyone's body shape is different.

Hourglass Body Type

Anarkali robes with a tight waist highlight the hourglass body, which is defined by proportionately large hips and breasts. Dresses with flowy skirts and fitted bodices look stunning. If your Anarkali suit party wear fits well and accentuates your curves, it will look great with your party dress. Many Frontier Phagwara goods offer both comfort and style.

Pear Body Type

Dresses that highlight the upper body look great on pear-shaped figures, especially if their hips are wider than their shoulders. Among the features to look for are beautifully embroidered sleeves and collars. Your bridal anarkali suit gorgeously embroidered bodices can draw attention to your figure. Online buyers get access to a diverse range of exciting

Apple Body Type

Generally, apple-shaped bodies have wider shoulders, a bigger bust, and narrower hips. Anarkali dresses with a looser waist fit are ideal for creating a well-proportioned image. The empire waist Anarkali dresses are highly appealing because they divert attention away from the waist by flowing from beneath the bust. Choose an Anarkali dress for weddings for a stunning touch that exudes regal elegance without being too tight on the body.

Rectangle Body Type

Anarkali suits with greater volume and flare may provide the appearance of curves if you have a rectangle body type and a straight contour. Choose clothing with multiple layers or decorations to add dimension. Anarkali kurti with unique patterns and designs from Frontier Phagwara's collection can give a person a voluptuous appearance.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

If you have an inverted triangle shape, which means your hips are wider than your shoulders, search for Anarkali dresses that highlight the volume in your lower body. Anarkali suits for wedding with voluminous skirts that bring attention to the hips might give the appearance of balance. Frontier Phagwara offers a wide range of bridal Anarkali gowns with eye-catching patterns and a strong flare to complement this body shape.


When you choose the Anarkali dress that best suits your body type, your attractiveness and confidence will improve. Frontier Phagwara has a large range of Anarkali dresses, suits, and kurtis to suit any body type or occasion. Knowing your body type and making the right selections while clothing shopping are critical, regardless of whether you're going for a wedding, party, or casual wear, understanding your body type and selecting accordingly will ensure you always look your best. Explore Frontier Phagwara’s Anarkali dress online offerings to find your perfect fit today.


1. Which Anarkali style suits a pear-shaped body?

Heavy embellished or flared bottom Anarkali suit will perfectly suit on a pear shaped body.

2. What type of Anarkali dress is best for an apple-shaped body?

A line, v neck Anarkali, empire waist anarkali dress is best for apple shaped body.

3. What Anarkali designs work well for a rectangular body shape?

Flared skirt, V neckline, embellished Anarkali suits are perfect for rectangular body shape.

4. How do I select the right fabric for my body type?

Choose fabric that are lightweight, and is stretchable and in which you feel comfortable.

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