Saree Style File: How to Pick the Perfect Saree for Your Body Type?

Saree Style File: How to Pick the Perfect Saree for Your Body Type?

Sarees, which are versatile clothing that can be dressed up or down for any occasion, are an excellent representation of Indian fashion. Nonetheless, if you want to appear your best, you must select the appropriate saree for women for your body type. Frontier Phagwara's online collection of sarees is likely to gratify any woman, with options ranging from designer bridal sarees to Banarasi silk sarees. If you wear the right saree for your body type, you'll look great at any occasion.

Understanding Your Body Type

Understanding your body shape is essential before selecting a saree. This list of common body kinds might help you identify your own.

  1. The Hourglass body form is recognised by its well-defined waist, hips, and breasts.
  2. The pear-shaped body type has smaller breasts, thighs, and hips.
  3. Apple-shaped means shoulders and bust are wider than hips.
  4. In rectangular body shape, the breasts, waist, and hips are delicately moulded into proportion.
  5. The Inverted Triangle stance stands out for its smaller hips and larger shoulders.

Saree Styles for Different Body Types

1. Hourglass

On an hourglass shape, almost any saree style can look lovely. Choose silk, georgette, or chiffon sarees to highlight your distinct waist. Banarasi or pure silk sarees are suggested wear.

A form-fitting shirt paired with a flowing saree will highlight your contours. A gorgeous saree worn with a belt can also convey sophistication.

2. Pear-shaped

To slim your silhouette, opt for lighter sarees made of georgette or chiffon that do not draw attention to your lower body or cling to your waistline. Darker saree colours with eye-catching upper section designs can help to draw attention upward.  It is best to wear 100% pure silk or designer sarees.

Styling Tip: Choose sarees with muted colours and less embroidery on the lower half. Wearing a boat neck or off-the-shoulder top may bring attention to your upper body.

3. Apple-shaped

Wearing sarees with vertical stripes that span the body or tiny designs looks great on an apple-shaped figure. Silk and chiffon are excellent examples of lightweight textiles. Wedding saree, designer saree is recommended to wear.

Styling Tip: Choose sarees with empire line drapes to extend your waist. Choosing a blouse with a big V-neck or U-neck may help attract attention away from the tummy.

4. Rectangular

Sarees look great on rectangular body forms because they highlight and differentiate specific curves. Choose sarees with dramatic embellishments, multilayered designs, or intricate stitching. Banarasi silk saree, wedding saree is recommended to wear.

Styling Tip: Wear pleated or frilled sarees to add volume. In addition to emphasising your curves, a peplum top will make you appear feminine.

5. Inverted Triangle

Choose sarees that highlight your larger body components, such as shoulders and hips. These look stunning when paired with silk or other heavier fabrics like sarees. Pure silk saree, designer saree is recommended to wear.

Styling Tip: Less embroidery is preferable on a plain shirt that fits well. To highlight the lower torso, wear the pallu loosely or drape it over one shoulder.

Shopping for Sarees Online

Frontier Phagwara offers professional advice in selecting the ideal saree for your body shape. Here, you will find the importance of different type of sarees in relation with different events, occasions etc.

1. Banarasi Silk Sarees:

They have a reputation for being ideal for special occasions due to their gorgeous designs and luxury materials.

2. Designer Sarees:

This elegant and one-of-a-kind piece makes it simple to create stylish statements.

3. Wedding Sarees:

Chic and luxurious, you'll look stunning on your wedding day.

4. Pure Silk Sarees:

This piece's adaptability and agelessness make it appropriate for both professional and informal situations.

Tips for Choosing the Right Saree

1. Fabric Matters:

Make sure the clothes you wear highlight your figure. Silk, due to its thickness, creates volume, whilst lightweight materials such as georgette and chiffon are suitable for curved designs.

2. Color and Print:

While large decorations and bright colours add weight, smaller motifs and darker tones shrink the figure.

3. Drape Style:

Try a different draping techniques to find which one best fits your shape. With the appropriate curtains, you may highlight your natural features and give the idea that you are taller and slimmer.


Choosing the perfect saree for your body shape may boost your mood and appearance. Frontier Phagwara offers a diverse collection of sarees for online buying, ensuring that every woman finds her ideal match. Apart from many sorts of sarees, we also provide designer, wedding, and Banarasi silk saree options. Browse our online store to find the right saree for your shape and style choices. Browse our huge assortment at Frontier Phagwara's online store to choose the ideal saree for your next event.


1. How do I determine my body type for selecting a saree?

By reading the above article, you can easily determine the type of your body.

2. Which saree fabrics are best suited for a pear-shaped body?

Silk saree or designer sarees are best for pear shaped body.

3. What saree styles work well for an apple-shaped body?

Designer sarees and wedding saree works well for apple shaped body.

4. Are there specific blouse designs that suit certain body types better?

At Frontier Phagwara, you will find customisation options through which you can customise different blouse designs according to your body type.

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