Navratri Fashion Fiesta: 9 Days, 9 Looks to Turn Heads

Navratri Fashion Fiesta: 9 Days, 9 Looks to Turn Heads


The nine-night festival of Navratri is a significant occasion for fashion and elegance as well as a time for spiritual celebration. A variety of hues are connected to distinct incarnations of the Goddess Durga during Navratri. You can choose from an incredible selection of Navratri outfits that will turn heads on every day of this exciting occasion with Frontier Phagwara, one of the leading providers of elegant ethnic wear. Look through these nine stylish and best Navratri outfits that will make you the life of the party at any Navratri celebration. Here, we will list you some best outfit for Navratri that will make you look best. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s search for best Navratri outfits online with one of the leading fashion Navratri outfits designer, Frontier Phagwara now!

Royal Blue Lehenga Choli Embellished With Sequin, Mirror And French Knot

 Day 1: Royal Blue Elegance

Choose royal blue to start Navratri in all its regal splendour. Frontier Phagwara provides a diverse selection of intricately embroidered lehengas and royal blue sarees. Silver jewellery and minimal makeup will help you exude sophistication and elegance.


Sea Green Color Saree

 Day 2: Graceful Green

Take advantage of the second day's fresh verdure. Wearing a green saree or anarkali from Frontier Phagwara with stunning zari embroidery will help you stand out. Wear gold accessories and a traditional hairdo to finish the outfit with a touch of classic elegance.


Radiant Red

 Day 3: Radiant Red

Red is a colour that symbolises power and energy. Wearing a beautifully embroidered lehenga or scarlet saree can make you feel fabulous. Frontier Phagwara offers gorgeous red gowns perfect for the festival season. Finish the appearance with bright accessories and a strong red lip colour.



Orange, Rust & Yellow Readymade Lehenga In Net Fabric

 Day 4: Opulent Orange

The warm colour orange helps brighten the fourth day. Frontier Phagwara offers orange sarees and lehengas with mirror or sequin embroidery. Jhumkas and traditional bangles will enhance your festive style.


Floral Print White Anarkali With Belt

 Day 5: Blissful White

White is a colour that depicts tranquilly and purity. A Frontier Phagwara white georgette or chikankari saree can make you look refined and gorgeous. Wear pearl jewellery as an accessory and use little makeup for a polished look.


Yellow Georgette Kurti Sharara Set


 Day 6: Vibrant Yellow

Yellow is associated with happiness and positivity. On the sixth day of Navratri, you might look festive by wearing a yellow lehenga or anarkali with detailed embroidery or flowers. Frontier Phagwara's vivid yellow variety is sure to draw attention, especially when paired with delicate gold jewellery.


Grey Lucknowi Frock

 Day 7: Glorious Grey

The colour grey represents refinement and harmony. Frontier Phagwara offers grey lehengas or sarees with metallic embellishments. If you wear silver jewellery and smokey eye makeup, your look will be even more elegant and attractive.


Ombre Purple Classic Saree


Day 8: Passionate Purple

Purple symbolises majesty and mystery. Wearing a purple velvet or silk saree or lehenga can make you feel like a queen. You'll stand out when you pair Frontier Phagwara's sumptuous purple costumes with statement jewellery and a bright lip colour.




Day 9: Pretty Pink

Pink is a great way to end Navratri. A pink lehenga or saree from Frontier Phagwara embellished with lovely embroidery or sequins can make you look stunning and feminine. Wear it with flower jewellery and natural makeup for a lovely, airy look.


 Why Choose Frontier Phagwara for Your Navratri Outfits?


Frontier Phagwara is renowned for its elegance and craftsmanship and is more popular for last minute navratri outfits. You can get the perfect costume for each day of Navratri owing to our extensive range of ethnic apparel.

  1. Exquisite Craftsmanship: With intricate designs and painstaking attention to detail, each outfit at Frontier Phagwara is a work of art.
    2. Diversity and Adaptability: Frontier Phagwara offers a wide range of options to suit any style and event, including kurtis, anarkali suits, lehengas, and sarees.
    3. Quality: To ensure that each piece is comfortable and long-lasting, Frontier Phagwara uses quality materials and embellishments.

    4. Customised Service: Our trained staff assists you in selecting the best apparel for your preferences and body type by providing customised style suggestions.

Frontier Phagwara's innovative designs, which blend traditional elegance with contemporary appeal, keep them one step ahead of fashion trends.



Navratri is traditionally celebrated by dancing and dressing up in your best ethnic clothes. Frontier Phagwara's fantastic assortment allows you to create a different and alluring style for each day of the celebration. We are the best alternative for Navratri clothing because of our dedication to quality and design. Dress up for this bright occasion by visiting Frontier Phagwara right now!

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