Difference Between Sharara And Lehenga

Difference Between Sharara And Lehenga


There are a lot of options available in the market related to fashion and bridal outfits, but what makes you choose a traditional outfit again and again is its beauty and the aura that it carries. One who wears traditional and cultural attire at such events automatically looks beautiful with the aura that outfit carries. That’s where the term sharara and lehenga come in. Here we will learn about sharara and lehenga, further learn about the major differences between them, and conclude by knowing about Frontier Phagwara, the best shop for all your wedding lehenga, suits, and sarees. So, without further delay, let’s just move directly into the world of Sharara and Lehenga Choli with Frontier Phagwara now!


Sharara and Lehenga Choli

Do you ever wonder why one keeps choosing either lehenga or sharara repeatedly despite having several ranges of outfits in the market? It’s because of its style. Although both look quite similar in design, they are different from one another. A sharara is a flared plant that is narrow at the top and wider at the legs, while a lehenga is a fully flared skirt that is designed and embroidered heavily to make your wedding day beautiful. Sharara can be worn at different occasions, events, and celebrations, while lehenga choli is primarily preferred during weddings, as a bride or as a wedding guest, one may wear it according to their preferences.

Although both of the outfits belonged to the Mughal era, wedding lehenga was worn to reflect royalty, status, and wealth, while on the other hand, sharara, worn by the majority of Muslim women, are popular outfits to showcase their traditions. Sharara comes with a kurta and a dupatta, while lehenga is paired with a choli and a dupatta, which is heavily designed.

About Frontier Phagwara’s Sharara and Lehenga

Frontier Phagwara is a renowned name in the industry of fashion and is often considered synonymous with beauty because of its beautiful and glamorous outfits. At Frontier Phagwara, you’ll find several bridal lehenga, sharara for women, suits, and more. We also have different sections for men as well as kids, where they can buy the clothes of their choice.


We are well aware of the importance of quality for you; that’s why we offer video call appointments to make your shopping easier and quicker. With Frontier Phagwara’s website, you can easily be assured of the quality by connecting with us in real time and then buying the product you want. Also, we have a special feature of customization, where you can easily customize your overall outfit and make the entire product as per your fit.

Knowing this much about sharara sets and bridal lehenga, you might be looking for some trusted garment shops nearby. Don’t worry, we will make your work easier. At Frontier Phagwara, you can get the sharara set and lehenga of your desire and slay it the way you want. So, what are you waiting for? Order your favourite Sharara set and bridal lehenga now!


1. What is the difference between sharara and gharara?

Although both originated during the Mughal era, they differ in some ways. While Sharara and Gharara look similar in appearance, they have some physical differences too. Sharara is a wide flared pant at the bottom of the leg, while gharara is a narrow fitted pant surrounded by embroidered lace.

2. What does Sharara look like?

Sharara looks like a long flared pant that has a lot of artistic work done on it and is paired with a kurta and a dupatta.

3. Are lehenga and gharara the same?

No, lehenga is different from gharara. Gharara is a narrow fitted pant with lace at the bottom, while lehenga is a flared skirt, worn especially during weddings as a mark of tradition. 

4. Are Sharara and Plazo the same?

No, sharara looks similar to plazo, but it is different in many aspects. Sharara is a flared plant, wider at the base, and narrow at the top, while plazo is a fully flared pant from top to bottom and is specially worn for comfort.

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