Rooted in tradition, imbibed with love

Rooted in tradition, imbibed with love

A blend of traditional values coupled with a modern outlook, we try to push boundaries in terms of colours that complement the Indian skin tone, to tie glamorous to classic – keeping it wearable at all times with a fusion of Indian craftsmanship and fine textiles with contemporary and international chic. A brand with a view in the present moment, but ultimately rooted in Indian drapes and techniques imbibed with love by over 700 craftspeople.


History –

In 1954 late Shri Bansi Lal Batra indulged in his natural inclination towards art establishing Frontier Phagwara which was then carried forward by Mr. Satish Kumar Batra, under his guidance the brand grew into a culture. it was under his guidance that Frontier became of a kind retail experience. continuing his legacy Mr. Tanuj Batra, Mrs. Leena Batra, and Mr. Manuj Batra, the new generation that believes in carrying forward the traditions set by the house over the years are ready to take Frontier Phagwara to new heights.


Indian heritage -

Our goal is to elevate these craftsmen and their creations, ensuring they reach audiences far and wide. Frontier collaborates with weavers across India, spanning from small towns to bustling metropolises. we prioritize engaging with artisans in the hidden corners of Indian towns. These artists not only embody our rich cultural heritage but also represent a rare breed of craftsmanship. We aim to foster a culture that nurtures creativity and innovation. By prioritizing sustainability and quality, we aim to provide enduring support for the revival of Indian handicrafts.


Modern take –

Collaborating with emerging designers and artisans who bring a fresh perspective to traditional techniques can breathe new life into age-old practices. By blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design principles, we can create products that are both timeless and relevant in today's world. Embracing a modern interpretation of Indian designs involves infusing traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics to create fresh and innovative pieces. This approach honors the rich cultural heritage of India while appealing to modern sensibilities.

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