10 Best Kids Wear Outfits For Wedding

10 Best Kids Wear Outfits For Wedding

Wedding season is here, and wedding season in India means a season of dressing up and being beautiful, even for the youngest members of your family. Yes, wedding season is a season of dressing up for your kids too. What else will be cuter than seeing your children in ethnic and traditional wear during this wedding season?

This wedding season, make your children beautiful and fashionable by choosing the best childrens wedding attire. Although it seems like an easy task, in reality, it’s the toughest task for a parent. For parents, their main concern is to focus on child comfort rather than diverting the focus on fashion. That’s why it is necessary to do complete research before buying kids party wear dress. Here in this article, we will learn about kids party wear dress and will conclude further by knowing about Frontier Phagwara. So, without further delay, let’s just dive deeper into kids wearing dress.

10 best kids wear outfits for weddings

1. Pink Sharara Set Embellished With Mirror, Sequin, and Thread Work: This pink sharara set is the most comfortable outfit ever. With the comfort it provides, your child will feel comfortable and will not bother you or disturb you from enjoying the function. So, if you are someone who wants to captivate everyone’s heart with their outfit, then they should opt for this kids wear for girls.                                                                                                              

2. Turquoise-Peach Sleeveless Lehenga Choli Embellished With Sequin And Pearl Work: Turquoise and peach are one of the deadliest combinations you’ll find in any outfit, and the pearl work on this turquoise-peach lehenga is like a cherry on top. As summers are near, you should opt for this sleeveless lehenga choli for your kid, as it will make them feel comfortable in this hot summer.                                                                                            


3. Green Garara Set Embellished With Sequin and Pearl Work: Garara are wide-fitted bottom wear that is narrow from the top and gets wide at the base; they're similar to sharara, and they are commonly worn with a kurta set or an embroidered blouse. So, if you are someone who wants to drive everyone’s attention towards you, then you should definitely go for it.   


4. Ethnic-Printed Shaded Lehenga Choli: India is a country of ethics, tradition, and culture, so it becomes important to reflect our tradition through the outfits we wear, and this ethnic print-shaded lehenga does the same for .                       

5. Sky Blue Sleeveless Lehenga Choli Embellished With Sequin, Swarovski, and Aari Work: The sky blue color symbolizes that the sky has no limit, and similarly, fashion has no limit. With a sky blue sleeveless lehenga choli, you'll be free to dance your heart out and enjoy every moment with your kid.  

6. Light Green Printed Kurta Set With Bottom: Here in kids wear boys too, we have a lot to offer, among which the light green oriented kurta set is the best. Featuring intricate detailing, it’s perfect for family gatherings, wedding events like mehendi, and more.

7. Pink Printed Waistcoat Set: It’s now time to add this pink printed waistcoat set to your wardrobe due to its complementary benefits. The pink color itself gives us feminine energy, while the printed waistcoat adds a lot of sophistication. It can be worn at different occasions and events.

8. Green Pathani Kurta With Bottom: We are well aware of the diversity of India and are also well aware of the different fashion needs of Indian kids. That’s why Frontier Phagwara has brought you the green pathani kurta set that you can pair in different forms and add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

9. Peach Printed Kurta Set With Bottom: Peach is the latest trend and is often featured with gold embroidery that gives you a perfect look when paired with the right accessories.

10. Sequins Golden Kurta With Bottom: This sequin golden kurta set comes with a complete matching bottom. It is appropriate to be worn during different occasions and festivals.

    About Frontier Phagwara

    You need to do a lot of research on everything, whether the shop, fabric, quality, design, and more, before buying kids clothing for girls or boys. That’s why Frontier Phagwara is here for you. Frontier Phagwara has a team of experts that checks the quality of each and every fabric that is for kids, and after the double check of quality, we proceed further in crafting the fabrics into designer outfits. Your child is the greatest gift of your god, so it’s necessary to give them the utmost importance in everything even in fashion. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your kids wear online from Frontier Phagwara now!


    1. What can a 10-year-old wear to a wedding?

    You can choose clothes that are comfortable and fashionable and go according to the theme of the wedding.

    2. What does a 15-year-old wear to a wedding?

    You should prefer kurtas and coat pants for boys, while for girls, you should prefer Anarkali suits, sharara, and other suits in which they feel comfortable and enjoy their hearts out.

    3. What should children wear to a wedding?

    A wedding is an event of celebration, and hence all the gathered people celebrate this occasion with the utmost love by wearing traditional and fashionable clothes and giving their blessings. A child should wear traditional clothes that are comfortable and light weight.

    4. Can girls wear black to a wedding?

    Yes, with the continuous evolution of society, the most prominent misconception of black as an inauspicious color has been rejected, and now girls can freely choose and wear the color they want, black too.

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