Finding Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Sherwanis on a Budget

Finding Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Sherwanis on a Budget

Indian weddings are lavish occasions, and every groom wants to look his best on this particular day. The groom's sherwani is the most essential piece of clothing. Many grooms now have higher expectations due to Bollywood celebrities' sophisticated and regal wedding sherwanis. However, celebrity does not have to come at the expense of the environment. Frontier Phagwara offers a large selection of cheap, celebrity-inspired mens sherwani, allowing you to appear stunning without going over budget. These Bollywood superstars' stylish men's sherwanis will help you replicate their appearance on a budget.

The Bollywood Influence

Indian Bollywood celebs have always set the standard for wedding dress trends. Their fashion choices, which span from traditional classic designs to trendy Indo-Western sherwani trends, are making an impact in the business. The following section offers information about where to acquire sherwani designs in Frontier Phagwara, as well as designs inspired by celebrities.

Here are top 5 Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Sherwanis by Frontier Phagwara

  1. The Royal Red Sherwani
  2. The Elegant Ivory Sherwani
  3. The Classic Golden Sherwani
  4. The Stylish Indo Western Sherwani
  5. The Regal Blue Sherwani
The Royal Red Sherwani

1. The Royal Red Sherwani

    Ranveer Singh's royal red sherwani from his wedding exemplifies a classic crimson sherwani with intricate gold embroidery. This attire is perfect for any dulha due to its richness and royal attitude. Frontier Phagwara has a collection of crimson bridal sherwanis with stunning embroidery that showcase Ranveer's regal features.

    2. The Elegant Ivory Sherwani

    Ivory sherwanis may be quite classy and stylish, as demonstrated by Virat Kohli's attire. This shade pairs well with a variety of ornaments, including delicate silver and gold. Frontier Phagwara's ivory men's sherwanis are magnificent, with lush materials and intricate embroidery that are ideal for setting up a sophisticated wedding ensemble.


    gold sherwani

    3. The Classic Golden Sherwani

    Shahid Kapoor's superbly designed golden sherwani is perfect for those looking to make a lasting impact on their wedding day. Rich embroidery and this timeless colour palette combine to create a beautiful and timeless look. The gorgeous stitching on Frontier Phagwara's golden sherwanis ensures that you look as stunning as Shahid.

    4. The Stylish Indo Western Sherwani

    For grooms looking for a modern twist, Sidharth Malhotra's Indo Western sherwani, which combines traditional and modern elements, is ideal. The blend of styles creates a distinct and trendy look. For the sophisticated groom, Frontier Phagwara has a selection of Indo-Western sherwani patterns that combine traditional textiles with modern shapes and styles.


    royal sherwani

    5. The Regal Blue Sherwani

    Saif Ali Khan's blue sherwani is both trendy and fashionable. This colour offers a striking and regal impression, especially when combined with silver or gold accessories. Frontier Phagwara's collection of blue sherwanis in magnificent fabrics and patterns wonderfully depict Saif's regal majesty.

    Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Sherwani on a Budget

    1. Set a Budget: Before you start shopping, decide on your budget. This way, you can narrow down your alternatives and steer clear of extravagant purchases.
    2. Focus on Fabric: Opulent textiles such as velvet, silk, and brocade can add sophistication to an otherwise simple design.
    3. Embellishments and Embroidery: Choose shrugs with delicate and balanced embroidery. Large-scale stitching raises the price greatly while maintaining luxury.
    4. Color Choice: Blue, gold, white, and scarlet are traditional colours that always appear richer.
    5. Mix and Match: Consider combining the two if you want to wear an artistically embroidered dupatta with a basic sherwani, and vice versa. This allows you to look put together and beautiful while staying within your budget.
    6. Customization: Use the customisation options to make the sherwani truly yours. Frontier Phagwara provides personalised services to ensure the best fit and appearance.


    It doesn't have to be pricey to plan your wedding like a Bollywood celebrity. Frontier Phagwara offers a diverse selection of exquisite, moderately priced bridal sherwanis inspired by celebrities. Our assortment of sherwanis assures that you will discover the ideal clothing for your special day, whether you like a classic or trendy Indo Western look. Explore our collection at Frontier Phagwara to get the ideal sherwani for dulha that will make you feel like a celebrity on your wedding day. Visit Frontier Phagwara’s online store to browse and buy sherwanis online, and discover the perfect wedding sherwani for your special day.


    1. How can I find affordable sherwanis inspired by celebrity styles?

    At Frontier Phagwara, you will find affordable sherwanis inspired by celebrity style.

    2. Which celebrities are known for their iconic sherwani styles?

    Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Siddharth Kapoor are known for their iconic sherwani style.

    3. What are some budget-friendly brands or designers for sherwanis?

    Frontier Phagwara is one of the budget friendly designer for sherwani.

    4. How do I customize a sherwani to look like a celebrity’s without spending too much?

    At Frontier Phagwara, you can customize a celebrity like sherwani.

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